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Lakeland Tarns - 5 Day Break

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Touch 16 bodies of Water over 5 days walking.

Our special route, designed by our lead guide, Nicola Sproson, passes by 16 bodies of water, some iconic and some lesser known. We have 5 days walking to incorporate in your break, you may wish to take a day off in the middle. We will be heading to Grasmere for 2 nights and walking onto Glenridding on the shores of Ullswater, on day 3 for 2 further nights before walking back to Ambleside on day 5. This holiday starts & finishes in Ambleside, where you will leave your car, and your luggage will be taken to your accommodation in Grasmere and onto Glenridding and back to your car at the end of your break.

Walk Distances:

  • Day 1: 16km & 900m ascent
  • Day 2: 12.5km & 700m ascent
  • Day 3: 17km & 700m ascent
  • Day 4: 13km & 800m ascent
  • Day 5: 17km & 700m ascent

You will need 2 nights accommodation in Grasmere Village and 2 nights accommodation in Glenridding on the shores of Ullswater, if you would like accommodation recommendations, please email us.


Lakes & Tarns Holiday Cost: £275, based on a minimum of 6 persons

Car parking in Ambleside – We can arrange your parking ticket for The Lake District National Park Car Park at Waterhead for your 5 day break. We can arrange for your car to be checked each evening if you wish.


Please email: bookings@hikinghighs.co.uk for more information and to make your booking.

We look forward to taking you out on your adventure.

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