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Autumn Red Deer Rut Walks

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The famous Martindale Red Deer Rutting season will soon be upon us. The bellows of the Red Deer Stags echo around the valleys to the east of Ullswater, Boredale, Martindale, Bannerdale and Fusedale are the steep sided valleys where they are best heard. Dawn and dusk they are in full voice and throughout the daytime in the height of rutting season. The stags can be heard and seen from early October to mid November, but can vary slightly from year-to-year.

WALK DETAILS: 14km & 600m ascent - 6 hours walk time approx.

WALK 1 - Meet 9:15, Glenridding Steamer Pier, approx finish time 4pm

6th, 20th October 2023

Head to Patterdale, up onto the fell, and drop into Martindale Valley for a glorious sight and sound of the rutting red deer.

14km & 600m ascent BOOK HERE

- Meet 6:30am, Glenridding Steamer Pier, approx finish time 1pm (or 3pm if we return on a later steamer)

5th, 22nd October 2023

Walk across Bedafell, into Martindale / return steamer Howtown to Glenridding 12:55 or 14:25, weather dependent

14km & 600m ascent BOOK HERE

-Meet 9:15, Glenridding Steamer Pier, approx finish time 4pm

4th, 13th, 19th October 2023

Ullswater Steamer to Howtown / return walk over Bedafell, with views and sightings to the Red Deer down into Martindale and Boredale

14km & 700m ascent BOOK HERE

Please email us to make a booking and arrange a date to suit you if you cannot make the walk dates above :bookings@hikinghighs.co.uk

The Route
You will need:

BOOK - 6th or 20th Oct 23

BOOK - 5, 22 Oct (Dawn walk)

BOOK - 4, 13, 19 Oct

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Autumn Red Deer Rut - 2/3 Day Break

The Famous Autumn Red Deer Rut in the Ullswater and Martindale area of the Lake District is a hidden gem as the bellowing of stags echoes around Martindale and Boredale. Join us with your binoculars to experience this truly magical connection to nature.

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