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Windermere Way 5 Day Mini Break

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Enjoy 4 days Fell Walking to complete a clockwise tour of England’s largest lake taking in breath taking views from the top of 6 Lakeland Fells, completing 45 miles of varied terrain. Days include a glorious journey along the Windermere lakeshore, amongst the flora, fauna and birdlife, as well as forest walking, easy pasture and rugged fell tops. The route heads from Windermere, into the Winster Valley, over to the southern tip of the Lake. With a day off in the middle, days 2 & 4 we will guide you up the side of Lake Windermere via 2 fells along the way with views to the Langdale fells as you walk. The final day’s walking is from Ambleside returning to Windermere, with views over towards Helvellyn, High Street & Kentmere ridgelines.

We deliver our Windermere Way Holiday over 5 days, giving a day off in the middle to give you time to enjoy other Lake District treasures.

Walk Distances…

  • Day 1: 20km & 850m ascent
  • Day 2: 13km & 560m ascent
  • Day 3: Day Off
  • Day 4: 22km & 950m ascent
  • Day 5: 16km & 850m ascent

Our friends at The Ravensworth have held accommodation for a Spring week and an Autumn Week, from here you will travel to the start of each day either by taxi, ferry or Windermere Lake Cruises.

Cost: £240 per person based on a minimum of 6 walkers (quote for fewer walkers on request or for group of +10 walkers)

Additional Charges:

5 nights Accommodation at The Ravensworth from £85 per night including continental breakfast

Transport costs to start & finish of each day by ferry, lake cruise, bus & 1 x 15 minute taxi

Date options (other dates available on request):

  • 25th -30th September (arr: 24th September)


Please email: bookings@hikinghighs.co.uk for more information, information on how each day works with the travel logistics and to make your booking.

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