Bespoke night navigation

Introduction to navigating in the dark. Without daylight, even the simplest navigation becomes a different ballgame. Improve your confidence and lose the fear of being 'lost'.

We will start our workshop in daylight, moving to the hours of darkness, we can use the tools of navigation to really 'feel' the land we walk on using the tools of poor visibility which are taught on basic navigation courses, but not practiced.

This workshop will be a perfect practice session for your Silver or Gold level NNAS Certificate, or if you are working towards a Mountain Leadership training.

One evening bespoke course: £150 for first navigator - £30 for each additional navigator

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Nicky was a fantastic teacher on the NNAS Gold 2 Day navigation course I attended. She made me feel at ease and was so encouraging. Her knowledge of contours is simply awe-inspiring! Highly recommend Nicky at Hiking Highs!

Bryony Catlow 2022

The courses and Nic's instruction are both excellent as she was able to coach everyone on both courses, no matter their navigation skill level or the amount of mountain experience each of us had.

Simon Partridge2022




5 hours (evening)



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