NNAS Bronze (Beginners) 2-day navigation course

Beginners Navigation, understanding the basics of 'decoding' Ordnance Survey and Harveys maps, to navigate our way safely around the trails and paths…

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Upcoming courses:
  • 20/21 June 2024 - Ullswater
  • 14/15 September 2024 - Coniston

This is for fell walkers who would usually follow others and would like to start to understand the map for themselves, Nordic Walkers & Nordic Instructors, and Road & Trail runners new to navigation.

This is an entry-level course into navigation for personal development & will give you a NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme) Bronze Award, assuming you can demonstrate a good understanding and application of the skills being taught on the course (don't worry everyone does by the end!).

No qualifications are needed in order to participate in this 2-day course.

What you will learn on this course:
  • How to read a map, understand contours & features
  • How to use a compass in conjunction with your map
  • How to orientate your map
  • How to relate land features around you accurately to your map
  • How to use features along your chosen route to identify your location at any given moment
  • How to set a bearing
  • How to relocate, should you become miss-placed (we don't like to say lost!)
  • How to use timing and pacing in order to find your chosen control point/location
  • An understanding of the Countryside Code, knowledge of what equipment is suitable for the fells and emergency procedures that are relevant
  • How to plan a route
  • Some safe navigational techniques
  • How to Identify hazards

Gain a deeper understanding of how to use a map & compass in order to navigate a chosen route, across different scales of maps.

Grow your confidence to take yourself and friends further afield but within the bounds of your new knowledge/qualification.

2 day course £130

Book 20/21 June - UllswaterBook 14/15 September - ConistonContact us to discuss / book

The two day course was superb, it was practical and full of information and top tips. All of which ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Steph Ashton2022

First, I did the 2 day Bronze Navigation course. Then after a day off, with much trepidation I did the 2 day silver course. Both courses were absolutely fantastic. I was genuinely unsure if I was ready for the silver course the night before it was due to start having only just completed the bronze course.

But the courses and Nic's instruction are both excellent as she was able to coach everyone on both courses, no matter their navigation skill level or the amount of mountain experience each of us had. But as Nic said to me as she did her debrief on the way back down to the Glenridding on the silver assessment day, "it just clicked".

Now by no means I am going to be getting too confident and going off to do my Gold or think I am an "expert", I know my limitations and I know the navigation skills I need to practice, practice and practice again.

Nic is a wonderful coach and the 2 navigation courses made all this possible. I am now looking forward to planning more routes to enjoy everything these wonderful mountains have to offer.

Simon Partridge2022




2 days


Ullswater or Coniston

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