NNAS Gold (Advanced) 2-day navigation course

Building on Bronze & Silver level navigational skills, to move to fine contour detail for navigating inhospitable ground, off the beaten track, in potentially tricky weather conditions. We share the techniques and discuss route choices, perfect practice for heading out with friends or partnering up on Mountain Marathons...

...in association with SILVA global

Upcoming courses:
  • 21/22 November 2024 - Ullswater

Gain a deeper understanding of how to use a map & compass in order to navigate a chosen route in difficult conditions, across different scales of maps and over difficult terrain.
Grow your confidence to take people further afield but within your qualifications perimeter.
Use this course to help you gain your Mountain Leader Qualification (It will set you on the right track, giving you a good understanding of navigation required for the M/L Qualification.
Increase your route potential by being able to plan breathtaking routes for friends/groups for more experienced walkers and those wanting to explore - whatever the terrain, or time of day.

What you will learn on this course:

  • Utilise the skills and techniques of the Bronze and Silver Awards in the context of Gold level navigation strategies.
  • Utilise contours and fine detail as the prime method of navigation.
  • Accurately follow a route, judge distance, check progress against time, use relevant compass skills and maintain continuous map contact.
  • Use back bearings and transits to confirm the current position.
  • Use aspect of slope as an aid to relocation.
  • Select appropriate techniques within an overall navigation strategy.
  • Navigate in intricate terrain in reduced visibility i.e. mist or darkness.
  • Select an appropriate, safe route in relation to height gain and loss, dangerous terrain and other major hazards.
  • Assess the route ahead in the field in relation to prevailing conditions or changing circumstances (e.g. weather, time, daylight, ability/fitness) and re-plan the route appropriately if necessary.
  • Shorten a route, use an escape route and know emergency procedures.
  • Recognise the occurrence of a navigational error within a few minutes and apply appropriate relocation techniques.
  • Select appropriate clothing, equipment and first aid for walking in remote areas in all weather conditions.
  • Understand the physical demands created by hill and moorland terrain in all weather conditions.
  • Understand the effects of cold, heat, fatigue and discomfort on decision-making and execution of a selected route.
  • Understand the implications of climate change on the outdoor environment and be knowledgeable in practical steps to mitigate its effect.
  • Understand the pros and cons of appropriate electronic navigation devices and describe/demonstrate their use in the context of Gold terrain.

Please be aware you will be crossing open fell, not on paths or trails, for the most part of this course. We will mostly only be walking over grassy tussocks, boggy areas and occasional rocky sections which could be technical.

Two day course: £185

Book 21/22 November - UllswaterContact us to discuss / book

Nicky was a fantastic teacher on the NNAS Gold 2 Day navigation course I attended. She made me feel at ease and was so encouraging. Her knowledge of contours is simply awe-inspiring! Highly recommend Nicky at Hiking Highs!

Bryony Catlow2022

Had a brilliant 2 days honing my Nav skills ahead of Moutain Leader assessment. After a brief brief in a coffee shop we were out on the fells practicing and gaining skills. I particularly liked the contour only navigation parts - this really tests your understanding and helps embed a good feel for the environment and the clues it gives. First rate - I'd go on it again!

Jon DoddAugust 2023




2 days



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