3 Day Hiking Break from Pooley Bridge

Join us on an unforgettable three-day walking break, based at the north end of Ullswater - Pooley Bridge, ‘ The Crown at Pooley Bridge has availability & is welcomed touch of warmth and social evenings after each days’ hiking, whatever the weather..

Join us on an unforgettable three-day walking break, based at the north end of Ullswater - Pooley Bridge, ‘ The Crown at Pooley Bridge has availability & is welcomed touch of warmth and social evenings after each days’ hiking, whatever the weather.

Together, we'll explore the rugged local fells and scale the heights of Blencathra (formerly known as Saddleback), the crown jewel of the Northern Fells, or a wander into Martindale on the search for England’s oldest Red Deer Herd with our binoculars. Get ready for an immersive journey through nature's grandeur, where every step is a discovery, and every vista is a masterpiece. Each day you will have the opportunity to push your boundaries, or stay within your comfort zone in the valleys.

We look forward to sharing some delightful walks with you - Hike information on page 2.

What is not included: GUIDING COST: £250 / Dinner / Drinks/ Packed Lunches
What is included: Guiding 2 x Mountain leaders

Once you have secured your room, please advise Sam Armstrong who will register you for the trip.
Please make sure you have adequate insurance for your adventures.
T’s & C’s apply and will be advised upon booking.
Please book via Sam Armstrong

sam@walxderwentdales.co.uk - 07860 478409 nicola@hikinghighs.co.uk. - 07976 949488

Lowther Castle for Lunch – Full Day 17km Ascent 500m. Half Day 10km Ascent 230m
Chose between a half or full day.

Head off on a picturesque journey starting from the village of Pooley Bridge. Our path leads us to the magnificent Lowther Castle, tracing the scenic Lowther Loop of the Ullswater Way as we ascend Askham Fell. As we meander through the undulating terrain of Askham Fell, we'll be surrounded by the idyllic blend of farmland and woodland that graces the grounds of Lowther Castle.
For a well-deserved break, we'll rendezvous at the inviting Lowther Castle Cafe. Here, amidst a backdrop of historic splendour, some may choose to conclude their adventure by car, while others may opt to walk back via the scenic routes through Askham Fell. Whatever your choice, this walk promises a day of exploration and beauty, leaving you with memories to cherish.

Mountain Walk – Blencathra 14km Ascent 946m
Fell Walk – The Cockpit / Howtown for soup & cake / Lakeshore return 15km 350m
(Ullswater Steamer option to return from Howtown, or the Ullswater Hopper bus)

Blencathra, affectionately known as "Saddleback" for its distinctive silhouette, stands as a veritable icon among the illustrious peaks of the Lake District. This majestic mountain, proudly gracing the northern landscape, commands a commanding presence over the quaint town of Keswick. It even took the spotlight in the renowned documentary, "Life of a Mountain: Blencathra."
Upon its slopes, a panorama unfolds, treating the beholder to breathtaking vistas of Derwent Water stretching towards the rugged beauty of Borrowdale, as well as the formidable Helvellyn Mountain Range in the distance. As you descend, your gaze will be captivated by the allure of the Northern Fells, all the while tracing a valley path beneath the dramatic profile of Sharp Edge. Prepare for an awe-inspiring journey through the heart of nature's grandeur, with Blencathra as your guide.

Fell Walk – Embark on an enchanting ascent to Askham Fell, where you'll uncover the ancient marvels of the Cockpit and a mesmerizing Bronze Age stone circle. From this elevated vantage, be treated to sweeping vistas of the majestic mountains that crown the head of Ullswater.
After a morning of exploration, commence a descent to the idyllic hamlet of Howtown, where the inviting embrace of The Howtown Hotel awaits. Here, savour a delectable lunch of warm soup and indulgent cake, all while soaking in the serene lakeside ambiance.
For the return journey, we will follow the gentle contours of the low-level Ullswater Way, hugging the picturesque lakeshore as you make your way back to the village of Pooley Bridge. This circular route promises a day of discovery, blending ancient history, natural splendour, and a touch of home comfort foods.

Mountain Walk - Arthur's Pike 12.5km 420m
Fell Walk - Martindale Valley and the add on, shown on this route is to tick Hallin Fell.... which is optional.

In the tranquil reaches of the far eastern Lake District lies Arthur's Pike. Here, gentle grassy paths guide you effortlessly to the northern stretch of the High Street Ridgeline, where you'll encounter the commanding presence of Arthur's Pike. From this vantage point, revel in sweeping views that cascade steeply down to Ullswater, while to the south, the landscape opens up, offering a breathtaking vista of Martindale.

Fell walkers will step off the Ullswater Steamers at Howtown and follow in the footsteps of Sandi Toksvik during her Extraordinary Escape Ullswater Episode, venturing deep into the enchanting Martindale Valley. Even though it may not be the famed deer rutting season for which this valley is renowned, the Red Deer still grace these fells, with The Nap commanding attention as it looms majestically at the heart of the valley. As an added option on this route, you have the opportunity to tick off Hallin Fell... although it's completely optional!

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Nicola was really approachable, she listened and very enthusiastic. The walks allowed us to put a lot into practice.

Susan Harding2023

We have done several walks with Nic. She is very quick to see and adapt walks to peoples abilities. Also very knowledgeable about the area and would recommend walks with the company.

Gill Flynn2022




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