Hiking with poles - bespoke courses

Periodically we offer scheduled Leki poles courses (see events) via our partners: Kong Running, the 13 Valleys Event & Wonderful Wild Women.

Many (most?) people use poles incorrectly - however poles used properly can make a huge difference to your efficiency, the longevity of your day and enhance your fitness for the fells

Our courses are run on a bespoke basis, tailored to your needs

Moving efficiently in the hills for the whole day gives longevity of your day, dispersing the effort for hiking throughout the whole body if poles are used efficiently.

We teach how to propel up hill efficiently with your poles and how effectively you can you protect your knees and hips down hill too.

Rough ground typical to the Lake District can cause concern for some, especially over wet or rocky paths. Using poles correctly can alleviate this anxiety, and enable momentum over ground which may have historically caused you to move a much slower pace.

Balance and posture are also paramount in the Lake District fells whilst carrying a heavy backpack.

Remember your poles are not crutches and must not be leant on, but used efficiently, and we can show you how!

The optimum course length is 3 hours and can be reduced or extended to suit you.

We supply a variety of Leki folding poles for you to use during your course. There is a option to purchase poles from Hiking Highs at the end of your course, but with absolutely no pressure to do so.

Bespoke courses: £25 per hour
* We recommend a 3hr course for beginners but can be adapted to suit
** Courses run in and around Glenridding, Ullswater - but can be in your location by arrangement

Contact us to discuss/book a bespoke course
...or take a look at our scheduled courses (in events)

Great course with Nicky Nordic walking will be returning next year for running with poles course and our silver map reading course.

Nick Inns2022

Its important to get this technique right even if you are a runner. I enjoyed learning how to use my poles properly - it'll help my ultra ambitions!

Joe Wright2023

Buy poles at discount if you come on our course

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**Glenridding, Ullswater

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