Basic Navigation Day - Ullswater

Teaming up with Summit Ultra Coaching to give the basics of Navigation for the fells

A professionally designed and delivered course by Hiking Highs tailored to the needs of those just starting out on their navigation journey in the fells.

During the day you will delve into Navigation like you never have before, pouring over maps, unlocking the ‘code’ for Ordnance Survey and Harvey maps & making the connection between the two and also the varying scales, alongside getting some proper 'practical' training in. Loosing the fear of being ‘lost’ allows you to keep a strong head in poor weather conditions or as the hour of darkness may come upon you on your days out - remember you are never ‘lost’, you just need to work out where you are… we like to call is ‘mislocated’!

The route will be 10km-15km as this course is about learning, not about the run.

What will you learn?

  • How to read a map, understand contours & features
  • How to use a compass in conjunction with your map
  • How to orientate your map
  • How to relate land features around you accurately to your map
  • How to use features along your chosen route to identify your location at any given moment
  • How to set a bearing
  • How to re-locate, should you become miss-placed (we don't like to say lost!)
  • How to use timing and pacing in order to find your chosen control point location
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Countryside Code, knowledge of what equipment is suitable for the fells and emergency procedures that are relevant
  • Some safe navigational techniques Identify hazards

What are the benefits?

Gain a deeper understanding on how to use a map & compass in order to navigate a chosen route, across different scales of maps.
Grow your confidence to take people further afield, but with-in your qualification's perimeter's
Increase your earning potential by being able to plan breath taking routes outside of any event or races… but to take yourself on a journey to explore the hidden corners of fells and most of all HAVE FUN!

Who is it for?

Speedy fell walkers or trail or ultra runners who would usually follow others and would like to start to understand the map for themselves. This is an entry-level course into navigation for personal development. No qualifications are needed in order to participate on this course.

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COST £90 ALSO.... includes 90min zoom for the basic theory on: Wednesday 13th March, 7pm


Nicola was really approachable, she listened and very enthusiastic. The walks allowed us to put a lot into practice.

Susan Harding2023

We have done several walks with Nic. She is very quick to see and adapt walks to peoples abilities. Also very knowledgeable about the area and would recommend walks with the company.

Gill Flynn2022




6 Hours




90min Zoom